Competition – The Grand Library (GED), Condorcet Campus, Aubervilliers, Winning project

20 December 2014

Competition: Winning project 2014

Delivery: June 2019
Architect: Elizabeth de Portzamparc
Client: Ile-de-France Region
Surface: 25,246 m² SDP
BET Team: BERIM (Structure, Fluides),
OASIIS (HQE), AVEL (Acoustic), GVI (Economist), Strategic Scout
(Numerical equipment and strategy),
CSD FACES (Security/Safety).

Structuring the heart of the campus, the Condorcet Library will become a major
focal point of animation in the Condorcet Campus area, its district and the entire city.
The catalogs of 45 libraries specialized in human and social sciences will be open to all the institutions of the Condorcet Campus, the scholars and to the public.
The building will offer a consultation space with a capacity of 1432 seats, some logistic spaces including archives and reserves, a forum, a cafe, a bookstore, and some public gardens.