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Courthouse of Grasse

France - Grasse 1996 › 1999
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My goal was to create interiors that were solemn and elegant without being intimidating. I designed furniture with clear-cut and simple lines coherent with the building’s architecture. It was necessary to avoid the temptation to create forms reflecting a period’s trends or styles since these would rapidly become old-fashioned.

I used an association of solid and timeless materials: stone, concrete, wood, metal and treated leather. The idea was to juxtapose the warmth of one material with the cold, crude aspect of another. I wanted the furnishings to be on a human scale to create a final statement for the building.



Interior design of 10 courts, respecting the regulatory and organizational aspects of this type of institution.


French Ministry of Justice


Elizabeth de Portzamparc


950 sqm

©Gitty Darugar